So, You Think You Know Bloat

Dog trainer Nicole Wilde’s excellent blog Wilde About Dogs featured an informative post last week on bloat. If you haven’t heard of bloat, here’s what you need to know.

First of all, if you suspect your dog has bloat, it is a veterinary emergency! Without immediate proper treatment, your dog will die. No maybe about it.

Bloat happens when your dog’s stomach fills with gas and fluid and may even begin to twist, a condition known as gastric torsion. Typical symptoms include dry heaves and a tense stomach, but as Nicole’s post shows, a dog can bloat while showing different symptoms.

Bloat is most common in dogs who have broad, deep chests, but any dog can succumb to it. The cause is unknown, but it kills many, many dogs each year.

Check out the post and educate your self. She includes many helpful links at the end to help you learn more.

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