Can Having a Dog Make You A Better Catholic?

Don Bosco by Emily Kahm
Don Bosco by Emily Kahm
Kind of an interesting article in American Magazine, showing how the author (Emily Kahm) believes that having a dog in the family makes her a better Catholic. She makes the argument that if you replace the word “God” in Scripture with “dog”, you make what she terms “dogvotionals” which can help you learn a lot about life. An excerpt:

Strangely, the more we found ourselves searching for dogvotionals, the clearer it became that our strange brown mutt was indeed serving as a spiritually helpful analogue for God. Eternally loving and quick to forgive? Check. Uncannily all-knowing, especially about all matters food-related? Check. Profound otherness and incomprehensibility? Very much check.

The entire article makes a good read for your Sunday evening.

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