Greenville, SC Dog Dragged Behind Pickup Truck

From in South Carolina: Andra Grace, a a 1-year old Pit Bull, had puppies about 6 weeks ago, but her life since then has turned into a nightmare. She was rushed to Upstate Veterinary Specialists after being dragged behind a pick-up truck. Her feet, knees, and mammaries are raw, and she is so malnourished her ribs are showing.

Dr. Brandon Adley helped patch up Andra Grace, and the dog is now walking on her own. Workers wonder if she is looking for her pups, but her injuries may be too severe to allow her to nurse, even if they can find the youngsters.

Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation is paying for Andra Grace’s medical care, and is running an online fundraiser, if you’d like to help.

This case is one of 1,000 animal cruelty cases investigated in Greenville County this year. Meanwhile, the South Carolina legislature ponders how they can lower that number. House Bill 3045 would create an animal abuser registry and require the sheriff’s office to notify everyone within half a mile of the abuser. Senate Bill 193 would increase penalties for animal cruelty, particularly for first time offenders.

Andra Grace now has her own Facebook page, but I warn you some of the pictures – taken before her injuries were tended to – are pretty graphic. The video below is a little more watchable:


The truck driver, Roger Owens of Marietta, has since been located and charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty – a crime that carries a maximum penalty of an $1,100 fine or 30 days in jail. Don’t you just wish we could drag him from a truck instead? Investigators are trying to determine if there is sufficient cause to upgrade the charge to a felony.

Andra Grace has another 4 – 6 weeks of recovery, including more surgery to close her wounds, then she will be placed for adoption.

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