Puppy Bowl X Starting Lineup

Such excitement! Animal Planet has announced the starting line-up for tomorrow’s Puppy Bowl X. The little girl featured in this video, August, is a 12-week old Boxer mix from Northwest Boxer Rescue in Ellensburg, Washington.

Check out the whole line-up!

If you’ve not watched this show before, it is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. About 6 – 8 puppies are put in an arena with a “turf” floor painted to look like a football field. When the first group gets tired, they pull them out and put in new puppies. They simply play with each other, but the announcers talk about it as if it is a real football game. When a puppy crosses the goal line, they carry on about the score. They introduce new features every year, but there is typically a camera in the bottom of the water bowl and some cheerleaders to keep things interesting. The best part is that all of the dogs are from rescue organizations around the country. The show airs Sunday, February 2nd at 3 pm on Animal Planet.

And this year, for the first time, the Hallmark Channel is giving the folks at Animal Planet a run for their money by airing the first ever Kitten Bowl. Thank goodness it starts at noon so I don’t have to choose!

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