2014 Westminster Results: Hound Group

shutterstock_156292238The Hound Group has more breeds than any other, with 31 unique breeds and varieties. Only 30 are being presented tonight – no Harrier was shown.

408 dogs entered the competition this morning, and the best of each breed is present here tonight.

You know this is my favorite group, and I’m always looking for a win from the Beagle (or any of the scent hounds), the best breeds, in my opinion, which of course has nothing to do with conformation showing.

One of the new breeds, the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is competing for the first time this year.

Judge Douglas Johnson of Bloomington, IN, chose the top four, as follows:

Best in Group: Bloodhound
Group Second: Whippet
Group Third: Basset Hound
Group Fourth: Irish Wolfhound

Well, if it couldn’t be a Beagle, I’ll take a Bloodhound – another of my favorite breeds!

I’ll be back soon with the Toy Group

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