New AKC Breed: The Sloughi

In preparation for next week’s big National Dog Championships, I’m spending a little time learning about the new breeds recognized by the AKC this year. First up: the Sloughi!

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American Sloughi Association

According to the American Sloughi Association, the Sloughi is a rare breed of Arabian sighthound from the north African countries of Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Algeria. It is also known as the Arabian Greyhound.

More from the official breed club: An ancient breed, rich in history and culture, the Sloughi is equally at home in nomadic tents as in the hunt, coursing jackals, gazelles and hares in its countries of origin.

In the United States, the Sloughi is kept primarily as a companion animal and family pet, although venues exist in which to test the Sloughi’s naturally exquisite hunting skills, including free coursing, and organized open field coursing. Some fanciers also compete their sloughis in the non-traditional sports of lure coursing, oval track racing and sprint racing.

The AKC describes this breed as “graceful, noble, and reserved.” The Sloughi currently ranks 117th out of 190 on the list of most popular purebreds. Not bad for a dog just introduced this year!

Six Sloughis will be competing at the 2016 National Championships in Orlando on December 17 – 18. I can’t wait to meet them in person! They will be shown mid-morning on Saturday, so I’ll have some pictures for you by noon here on the blog.

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