Terrier Breed Winners, Westminster 2017

Airedale Terriers GCH CH Wildside Windancer
American Hairless Terriers GCHB CH Bur-Way Trin 2 Raise Some Kane
American Staffordshire Terriers GCHG CH Roadhouse’s Life Of The Party CA DN CGCA
Australian Terriers GCHS CH Blue Moon Boston Pops
Bedlington Terriers GCHB CH Willow Wind Money’s Still Talkin’ At First Class
Border Terriers GCH CH Meadowlake Poppet
Bull Terriers (Colored) GCH CH Formula For A Power Filled Ginger
Bull Terriers (White) CH Action Cosmic Cowboy CGC
Cairn Terriers CH Hjohoo’s Love Looking At Hjo
Cesky Terriers GCHB CH Bluefire Heart Of A Warrior
Dandie Dinmont Terriers GCH CH Aranisle Star Of San Jacinto
Fox Terriers (Smooth) GCH CH Absolutely Signature
Fox Terriers (Wire) GCH CH Hampton Court’s Monte Cristo
Glen of Imaal Terriers CH Finnabair Double D Friend Of A Friend
Irish Terriers GCH CH Lakeridge Cahal
Kerry Blue Terriers GCHS CH Krisma’s Xman First Class
Lakeland Terriers GCH CH Thor-Kourt Traviata Keegtosca
Manchester Terriers (Standard) GCH CH Medley’s Just Reward
Miniature Bull Terriers GCH CH Sunrise Minotaur Something To Talk About
Miniature Schnauzers GCHG CH Repitition’s Simply Spectacular Of Hardinhaus
Norfolk Terriers GCH CH Yarrow Venerie Winning Ticket
Norwich Terriers GCHS CH Taliesin Twice As Nice
Parson Russell Terriers GCH CH Brywood Heluva Ride
Rat Terriers GCH CH Felixvilles Traveling Pooch
Russell Terriers GCH CH Lyrical’s Preachin’ To The Choir
Scottish Terriers GCH CH Round Town Queen Of Hearts Of Maryscot
Sealyham Terriers GCH CH Efbe’s Goodspice Ariadne Auf Naxos
Skye Terriers GCH CH Cragsmoor Good Fellow
Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers GCH CH Keepsake Timtara Im A Rockstar
Staffordshire Bull Terriers GCH CH Bullseye Back In Black
Welsh Terriers GCH CH Seebest Supergirl
West Highland White Terriers GCH CH Lotrando Sunshine Celebration

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