Take Your Dog to Work on Friday


This Friday, June 23rd, is Take Your Pet to Work Day! Started in 1999 by Pet Sitters International, this is the 19th annual event, designed to call attention to what great companions dogs make.

PSI feels that through the events, non-pet owners are able to witness the special bond their co-workers have with their pets firsthand and be encouraged to adopt a new best friend of their own. It is always held the first Friday following Father’s Day and has been expanded both in time and scope. Now, the whole week following Father’s Day is called Take Your PET to Work Day, including cats and other critters, as well as dogs.


I’ve been “celebrating” by taking my new, 10-day old kitten with me everywhere I go, since it eats CONSTANTLY!

In the beginning, companies were required to register in order to take part, but that restriction has since been lifted, and anyone can participate, with the permission of their boss, of course. No one knows how many people bring in their animals, but you can follow along on social media to see people posting photos. Check in on Facebook and / or Twitter.

And, for goodness’ sake – if you buy donuts for the staff on Friday, make sure you bring some dog treats, too!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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