Tuesday Top Ten: Dining Out With Your Dog

More and more restaurants are looking for ways to allow us to include our dogs in our dining experiences. (For those of you who have dogs who don’t participate enough at home!)

dog at tableFrom our good friends at Trips With Pets: suggestions for making your dog’s trip to a restaurant successful.

1. Know the restaurant’s pet policy.

2. Socialize your dog so s/he is accepting of a variety of people and situations before you even attempt a restaurant.

3. Ease into it. Go for coffee first, then a quick meal, before you attempt 8 courses.

4. Exercise your dog to calm him / her down before going to the restaurant.

5. Bring a friend who can sit with your dog if you have to step away from the table.

6. No more than one dog per person.

7. Bring a portable water bowl [and possibly a towel if your dog tends to drink from the bottom of the bowl].

8. Allow time for a potty break before you go into the restaurant.

9. Teach your dog good table manners – no table surfing.

10. Be courteous of other patrons. Leave if your dog begins misbehaving.

Read the whole article from Trips With Pets.

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