It Had to be Done

When Sali Gear was asked what made her charter a plane to rescue 300 animals from the US Virgin Islands after Hurricane Irma, her answer was simple: “It had to be done.”

Gear, originally from Virgin Islands, runs Island Dog Rescue in Virginia, specializing in bringing island dogs to the continental US for adoption. After Irma, her plan was to gather up about 20 dogs a day and bring them back to her sanctuary in Virginia.

Then Hurricane Maria began taking aim for the US Virgin Islands, and Gear knew she had to act quickly. According to the Virginia Beach Pilot Online, Island Dog Rescue and its donors came up with $112,000 to charter a plane and another $5,000 to buy crates for the journey.

The dogs arrived in Norfolk on Tuesday and have been parceled out to other rescues up and down the Eastern seaboard. While they awaited pick-up by the rescue groups, the dogs were walked by 250 volunteers, most organized via social media by Cape Henry Collegiate senior Tinsley Sarrett.

Kudos to all involved in stepping up to help these animals in such dire need.

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