October is National Pet Safety Month

Brown dog's leg is wrapped in a bandage. Broken paw, painful stare.
Who knew this month we were supposed to focus on pet safety? The good folks at American Family Insurance not only reminded us to celebrate, they also provided a list of items responsible pet families will keep on hand in a pet first aid kit. If you already have a pet first aid kit, use this list as a checklist to see what you may need to replenish. If you don’t, you can use this as a shopping list next time you go to the drug store.

Gauze, scissors and tape. Because of their fur, traditional bandages won’t stick well to your pup. So, keep these supplies in your kit in case of any scratches or cuts.

Antibiotic ointment. Dogs can get infections just like we can! So, before bandaging them up, it’s a good idea to apply a bit of ointment to the affected area.

Hydrogen peroxide. Odds are they’ll snack on something they probably shouldn’t at some point, and Hydrogen Peroxide can be used to induce vomiting if they do eat something toxic. Just make sure you understand the proper instructions before you take this step.

Benadryl. From allergies to travel anxiety, Benadryl is a great way to get Fido comfortable again. Just consult your vet for dosage guidelines and keep it on hand for itchy situations!

Tweezers. Adventurous dogs are prone to ticks and splinters. Keep a tweezers in your kit so it’s quick and easy to extract whatever is bothering them.

Water and travel bowl. Your pup loves to go on long walks and romps around the dog park ! But they get dehydrated easily and that can be dangerous. Always have a backup water bottle and collapsible bowl on hand so you never have to worry about how you’ll get them back up to snuff.

A towel or blanket.
Great for cleanups or to keep your dog calm and comfortable while you fix them up.

A creature for comfort.
Always have an old favorite toy or stuffed animal on hand to bring them some comfort in case of a stressful situation.

Emergency information. Finally, keep a copy of their vaccination paperwork, medical records and emergency vet phone numbers in the kit — you’ll want to be prepared for any situation.

Always good to be prepared.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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