My Picks for Westminster 2018

Cocker SpanielThe big show starts Monday, and preliminaries are going strong right now in NYC. Are you ready?

Here are my picks for group winners:

Hound: Greyhound
Working: Portuguese Water Dog
Terrier: Cairn
Toy: Pomeranian
Herding: Rough Collie
Non-Sporting: Standard Poodle
Sporting Group: Black Cocker Spaniel

And to win it all, the Black Cocker.

Not that I have any scientific basis to pick these dogs, it’s just what I hope will happen.

Tune in to the big show on Monday and Tuesday, starting at 8 pm on FS1. There will be more coverage of other parts of the event this year than ever before. Check out the full TV schedule. Selected breed judging will be streamed on the Westminster Kennel Club site, and of course, I will be live-blogging both nights of the event.

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