Westminster 2018: Best in Hound Breed Results

Afghan Hounds GCHS CH Agha Djari’s Fifth Dimension Of Sura
American English Coonhounds CH River Bottom Tri Dunkin Me
American Foxhounds GCH CH Kiarry’s Naughty Natalie
Basenjis GCHG CH Relic’s Big Bang Theory Of Dagoba
Basset Hounds GCHP CH By U Cal’s Monkey On The Bayou
Beagles, Not Exceeding 13 In. GCHS CH Chester (Ordaz)
Beagles, Over 13 In.
But Not Exceeding 15 In. GCH CH Windstar’s Magnum Opus
Black and Tan Coonhounds GCHS CH Cashlane Santana As The Crow Flies
Bloodhounds GCH CH Quiet Creek’s Limited Edition
Bluetick Coonhounds GCH CH Cedar Creek’s Reign Over Me
Borzois GCHG CH Belisarius JP My Sassy Girl
Cirnechi dell’Etna GCH CH Colisto’s Bella
Dachshunds (Longhaired) GCHP DC Walmar-Solo’s OMG St. JE
Dachshunds (Smooth) GCH CH Brownwood Adele V Diagram SS
Dachshunds (Wirehaired) GCHP CH Starbarrack N J’s Sweet Dreams SW
English Foxhounds GCH CH Monocacy Bend’s Time Of Opportunity
Greyhounds GCH CH Mariki’s Bluemoon Daimler Marque At Saranan
Harriers CH Blythmoors Jump At The Chance CGC TKN
Ibizan Hounds GCHG CH Abbaio Dream With Your Eyes Open SC
Irish Wolfhounds GCH CH Dun Myrica Never Say Never Of Eagle
Norwegian Elkhounds GCHG CH Aspen’s It Takes A Thief
Otterhounds GCH CH Conestoga Another Tequila Sunrise
Petits Bassets Griffons Vendeens GCH CH M&M’s Calamity Jane
Pharaoh Hounds GCH CH Bazinga A Storm of Swords
Plotts CH Highperf. Lightnin Inthe Abyss
Portuguese Podengo Pequenos GCH CH Bonsai Noble Adventurer
Redbone Coonhounds GCH CH My She Dances Like Uma Thurman
Rhodesian Ridgebacks CH Ina Balin Of Malabo APD
Salukis GCHP CH Starlite’s Made Of The Best Stuff On Earth JC RN BN
Scottish Deerhounds CH Erpingham Benvolio
Sloughi Results Not Available
Treeing Walker Coonhounds CH Stackem Up October Red
Whippets GCH CH Pinnacle Tennessee Whiskey

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