Please! No Puppies Under the Tree

Batt not includedFrom the Facebook page of Deborah Robin Kafir. I gotta admit, this made me cry.

Batteries not included …
It is Christmas day today,
And all are full of cheer,
But I lay freezing on the step,
I always sleep right here.

I never get to go inside,
And join in all the fun,
I’m what they call a yard dog,
When all is said and done.

They have given me some scraps,
I think it was last week,
Now laying in the snow today,
I am feeling tired and weak.

I can hear the children playing,
As my head lay on my paws,
This time just last year,
I was a gift from Santa Claus.

I don’t know what I did wrong,
To be shut out in the yard,
I only lived inside 6 months,
Since then my life’s been hard.

The snow is falling heavy now,
I’m just a block of ice,
And when I breathe the cold cold air,
My lungs feel like a vice.

A miracle then came to pass,
An Angel did appear,
She glowed,and I could feel the heat,
As she floated near.

She reached her hand and beckoned,
It was such a sight to see,
She smiled and said “Good Dog,
It is time to come with me.

I will take you to the bridge,
Where all the Good Dogs go
You can play there in the sunshine,
There will be no freezing snow.”

My bag of bones stood up then,
I shook the snow from off my fur,
And,as I slowly followed,
This is what I said to her.

“I am not a Good Dog though,
In that I think you’re wrong,
No one would shut a Good Dog,
In the garden for so long.”

The Angel turned and smiled,
As I walked with head hung low,
Then she said”I’m sorry,
I thought that you would know.

You really are a Good Dog,
The reason why your time is up,
It is just unfortunate,
You were born a Christmas pup.”

I now live at the Rainbow Bridge,
And I am filled with joy,
But remember this at Christmas time,
A dog is NOT a toy.

To clarify this message,
To which I have eluded,
Animals are living things,
Batteries are not included ❤️

~ Author Unknown

Please! Unless YOU, not the recipient, are able to make a commitment for life, do NOT put a puppy under your tree.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Please! No Puppies Under the Tree”

  1. I completely agree with you. I don’t and will never understand why anyone gets a dog at Christmas let alone puts it in a yard. Other than the fact dogs are social animals and like to be part of the pack, but what is the point of getting a pet if you are not going to interact with it. Then leave it out in all conditions.

    I believe if you will do this to a dog you will do it to a person.

    In the past I reported people for doing this. Makes my blood boil.

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