Iditarod 2020: Standings as of 3/12 @ 6:42 PM Alaska Time

Royer / Photo from Blair Braverman via Twitter
Royer / Photo from Blair Braverman via Twitter

The top five mushers have all reached Cripple checkpoint, with the top two already leaving. The top two have also completed their 24-hour rest periods. It appears the other three are in the middle of their 24-hour rest.

1st place: Jessie Royer, left Cripple @ 16:07
2nd place: Aaron Burmeister, left Cripple @ 17:29
3rd place: Brent Sass, IN to Cripple last night @ 21:54
4th place: Michelle Phillips, IN to Cripple early this morning @ 00:50
5th place: Lance Mackey, IN to Cripple just after Phillips, @ 00:58

Current temperature in Cripple is -6F with a strong breeze projected for tomorrow.

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