Iditarod Standings as of 3/12/21 at 11:54 AM Alaska Time

Dallas Seavey has moved into the lead, arriving at the McGrath checkpoint at 9:32 this morning, on his way back to Deshka Landing. He has 13 dogs in harness.

The remainder of the top five have left Ophir:

Brent Sass at 7:24 AM, with 14 dogs.
Wade Marrs at 8:30 AM, with 12 dogs
Ryan Redington at 10:10 AM, with 9 dogs
Aaron Burmeister at 11:05 AM, with 14 dogs

All five mushers have completed their mandatory 24-hour layover, with Redington and Burmeister having also taken their 8-hour rests.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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