Westminster 2021: Agility Maps

Did you ever wonder how the agility handlers know where to go as they lead their dogs through the course? Here are the maps they follow.

First, the standard course
WKC Agility Standard 2021 Map

Here is the jumpers with weaves course
WKC Agility Jump Weave 2021 Map

And, last but not least, the finals course
WKC Agility Champ Final 2021 Map

For the uninitiated, the thing that looks like a piece of macaroni is a tunnel. Most of the obstacles are jumps of various configurations, but there is also a table (the T in a diamond on the standard course), where the dog must pause for five seconds, a teeter-totter (#17 in the final course), an A-frame (#5 in the final course), and a catwalk (#2 in the final course).  The circle between two lines is the tire, and the line of dots is the weave pole portion of the course.

The prelims are being livestreamed on WestminsterKennelClub.org right now. Finals to be telecast on Fox Saturday night.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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