Westminster 2016: Master’s Agility

Agility - SlalomThe agility competition finals have started! The first dog, a Portie named Bacco, set a standard for the 20″ class of 42.45 seconds and no faults.

This course is a tough one, as is fitting for the top ten dogs in each height class from today’s all day preliminaries for animals who have already reached a master’s level in the sport. The dogs must go through 2 tunnels, a collapsed chute, an A-frame, a teeter-totter, a suspended tire, and numerous jumps. I get tired just watching!

The sentimental favorite so far? Tokali, a Vizsla who lost a lung in a 2010 Christmas Day accident. He was out there running with the best of them, and is currently in 4th place.

I’ll be live-blogging tonight’s competition, so check back soon if you’re not near your TV or if you don’t get FOX Sports 1 for the winners in each height class.

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