Westminster 2016: 20-inch Agility Winner

Australian shepherd blue merle, lying, panting, 4 years old, isoHolster, the Australian Shepherd, takes the 20-inch agility class with a time of 35.10 and no faults!

Winning hearts and minds, if not the competition, was Shazam, the Border Collie who stood up on his hind feet to indicate his readiness to start.

Placing in the competition were:
Rusty, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, with a time of 39.68;
Bacco, a Portuguese Water Dog, with a time of 42.45;
Gitchi, a Golden Retriever, with a time of 32.53, with a 10-second fault, leading to a total score of 42.53.

Next up: the 8-inch class. Gotta love these ankle-biters! The jumps are barely off the ground.

(Please note: I don’t have access to pictures of the actual dogs, so I am supplying stock photos to represent the winning breeds.)

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