Westminster 2016: 16-inch Agility

Tricolor sheltie dogFirst place in the 2016 Master’s Agility, 16-inch class goes to Cruzer, a Sheltie, with a time of 36.26 seconds and no faults.

2nd place: Bolt, a Sheltie, 32 seconds and a 10-second fault, total score 42
3rd place: Hailey, an All-American dog, 42.11 seconds, no faults
4th place: Lilac, an Australian Shepherd, 33.19 seconds + a 10-second fault, total score 43.19

The agility competition is one of a handful of AKC events that allows non-purebred dogs to enter. We’ve seen just a few of the so-called “All American Dogs” tonight – it’s nice to see them compete!

I don’t know if they have the course mic-ed or not, but you can hear the thundering feet of the dogs as they go over some of the obstacles, which makes it seem even more exciting. This event always gets my heart pounding!

Announcer Michael LaFave must also be excited – he’s having lots of trouble tonight in idenifying the dogs and their hometowns.

Next up: the 12-inch dogs!

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