Westminster 2016: 24-inch Agility

Belgian Tervuren DogThe winner for the 2016 Master Agility 24-inch class is Smartie, a Belgian Tervuren, finishing in a time of 35.24 and no faults. She also made it to the finals in the Obedience competition!

2nd place: Banshee, a yellow Lab, 39.92 seconds and no faults
3rd place: Shambhu, a Standard Poodle, 40.67 seconds and no faults
4th place: Ffynch, last year’s winner, a Border Collie, 42.31 seconds and no faults

My favorite was TJ, a Boxer, who was either tired, bored, or just too cool to go all out on the course. He lazily walked through it, giving a clean, although very slow (50.16 seconds), run.

It always amazes me how far people travel to compete at Westminster, whether in the conformation show or agility or obedience. We’ve seen dogs tonight from California, Louisiana, Ohio and numerous other states.

Up next: the awards, putting the winners of each height class head to head to crown an overall champion! To recap, the competitors are:
Wren, a Papillon from the 8-inch class, qualifying with a time of 33.37 seconds
Keebler, the 2-time, back-to-back winner of the 12-inch class, qualifying with a time of 34.37 seconds
Cruzer, a Shetland Sheep Dog from the 16-inch class, qualifying with a time of 36.26 seconds
Holster, the Aussie from the 20-inch class, qualifying with a time of 35.10 seconds
Smartie, the from a 24-inch class, qualifying with a time of 35.24 seconds

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