Westminster 2021: First Look at Saturday Breed Results

Results from the Best in Breed rings are just starting to trickle in. Check back at 4:00 for an update, then hopefully by 7:00 I’ll have everything posted for the Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting, and Herding Groups. You can catch video of your favorite breed being judged on WestminsterKennelClub.org.

Greyhounds CH Sky Hi Hunt Song Of Fire And Ice
Harriers GCHS CH Blythmoor Sheez-Beez Tell Me No Tales
Ibizan Hounds GCHB CH Orion’s Calgary Flame
Pharaoh Hounds GCH CH Anubis Karnak Elle Macpherson
Plotts GCH CH Hosker’s Easy Money
Portuguese Podengo Pequenos GCH CH Corral West Bullet Proof
Rhodesian Ridgebacks GCHS CH Shadowridge A Touch Of Class
Salukis GCHG CH Aurora’s Rhythm Of My Heart
Whippets GCHP CH Pinnacle Kentucky Bourbon

Biewer Terriers CH Klub Leo-Binari Dzhoker
Brussels Griffons GCHG CH New Years Somerset Single Barrel Batch
Chihuahuas (Long Coat) GCHG CH Joli Reignon Just Kidding-L
Havanese GCHP CH Oeste’s In The Name Of Love
Italian Greyhounds GCHB CH Integra Maja Beach Please!
Manchester Terriers (Toy) GCH CH Cottage Lake’s Oedipal Love
Pugs GCHB CH Riversong’s Playin At The Ritz
Silky Terriers CH Tessier Wyntuk Red-E To Reign

Bichons Frises GCHB CH Dognews’s St Bow
Bulldogs GCHG CH Jwilson’s B-Loved Polar Express
Chow Chows GCHS CH Barbary’s Reigning Royalty CGCA TKN
Lowchen GCH CH Mosaic’s Lady Star Dust
Shiba Inu GCHS CH Jogoso’s Walk On The Wildside CA RATN
Tibetan Terriers GCHG CH Barnstorm Blue Blood Royalty By Dzine
Xoloitzcuintli CH Bayshore Stonehaven First Ladyy

Australian Cattle Dogs GCHG CH Rdiamond Bar Ice Blue
Australian Shepherds GCHG CH Lk Michigan I’m Yours
Beaucerons GCHG CH Maitrise Du Chateau Rocher RN CA RATN CGCA CGCU TKA
Bergamasco Sheepdog GCHS CH Alp Angels Faggia Dell’Albera FDC CGC
Berger Picards GCHG CH Eclipse Turnin’ Sexy Up To 10 FDC
Briards CH Mon Amies Oh So Charming
Canaan Dogs GCHP CH Pleasant Hill Avram Of Carters Creek CA FCAT
Collies (Rough) GCH CH Maverick Fanfare
Collies (Smooth) GCHS CH Corjalin’s Light Of A Thousand Stars
Finnish Lapphunds CH Lapinkaunis I Want It All
Miniature American Shepherds GCHG CH Dynasty’s Epic Adventure At Sunpeak BCAT
Polish Lowland Sheepdogs CH Ignacy Dobrana Para
Pumik GCHB CH Aprodombi Meresz Maszat Marci
Spanish Water Dogs GCHG CH Emanuell Wavelet DN

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