Westminster 2021: Obedience Primer

(The above video is from The 2018 AKC National Obedience Championship)

From the American Kennel Club: Think your dog is an A+ student? Are your friends and family jealous with how well you’ve trained your dog? Then you might want to take things to a new level by participating in Obedience competitions (aka trials).

Developed in the 1930s, Obedience is one of the AKC’s oldest sporting events. From walking on- and off-leash to retrieving and jumping, or demonstrating your dog’s ability to stay, Obedience trials feature dogs that are well-behaved at home, in public places, and in the presence of other dogs. It is essential that the obedience dog demonstrates willingness and enjoyment while it is working with the handler.

The 6th Annual Masters Obedience Championship is on Sunday from 9:00am to 4:30pm, streaming LIVE on westminsterkennelclub.org.

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