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KLM’s Wonder Dog

Dutch airline KLM has found a new way to reunite items left behind on planes with their owners. They use the strength and accuracy of a Beagle’s nose to find people before they leave the airport. And they couldn’t have found a cuter dog if they had tried. I absolutely love this clip! It makes me want to fly to Amsterdam and leave something on the plane.

Beagles rule!

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Good day, and good dog!

My Experience with Hill’s Science Diet

Penny Layne
Penny Layne
As much as I would like to feed my dogs the BARF (bones & raw food) diet, I don’t have the time to be making dog food every day, and the one time I did try it, I found it to be pretty expensive. Since I was a kid, I’ve always fed my dogs plain old Purina Dog Chow, and they’ve always done well on it.

But about four months ago, my Beagle, Penny, started to get very itchy. I couldn’t even touch her without her legs starting to run, trying to get to the places I wasn’t reaching. She had to have been miserable. Continue reading My Experience with Hill’s Science Diet