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National Dog Show 2021: Best in Show Line-Up

Here are the Best in Show entrants from each group:

Hounds: Scottish Deerhound “Claire”
Non-Sporting: Bulldog “Winter”
Sporting: German Shorthaired Pointer “Jade”
Working: Kuvasz “Mo’ne”
Herding: Pyrenean Shep “Sasha”
Toy: Affenpinscher “Chester”
Terrier: Lakeland Terrier “MM”

Westminster 2021: Best in Show Line-up

Best in Show is coming right up! To refresh your memory, here are the Best in Group winners who will be competing for Best in Show:

Hound: Whippet, Bourbon (Tomorrow is National Bourbon Day, just saying.)
Toy: Pekingese, Wasabi
Non-Sporting: French Bulldog, Matthew
Herding: Old English Sheepdog, Connor
Sporting: German Shorthaired Pointer, Jade
Working: Samoyed, Striker
Terrier: West Highland White Terrier, Boy

And the winner is……….

Westminster 2018: Best in Show Line-up

To review: the competitors for Best in Show tonight are:

Hound Group: Borzoi “Lucy”
Toy Group: Pug “Biggie”
Non-Sporting Group: Bichon Frise “Flynn”
Herding Group: Border Collie “Slick”
Sporting Group: Sussex Spaniel “Bean”
Working Group: Giant Schnauzer “Ty”
Terrier Group:. Norfolk “Winston”

My pick? I’m torn between the sentimental favorite, the Pug Biggie, who is being shown in place of his uncle who died last summer, and the posing Sussex Spaniel Bean, who stands up on his hind feet for a sliver of liver every time he gets a chance.

But if I were a gambler, I’d bet on the Borzoi.