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Does Your Dog Feel Your Pain?

From Discovery News: New research shows that dogs may be hard-wired to empathize with us more than any other animal, even better than humans themselves. (Ask any woman who understands her better – her husband or her dog.)

According to Deborah Custance co-author of the latest study from Department of Psychology at the University of London Goldsmiths College, “We have domesticated dogs over a long period of time. We have selectively bred them to act as our companions.” It stands to reason that we would breed for the traits that place them in tune with our emotional needs.

In the study, a human (sometimes the dog’s owner, sometimes not) made a number of different noises while in the room with a dog. When the person pretended to cry, the dog would nuzzle and lick in an effort to provide comfort.

Of course, those of us who love dogs have known this all along, but it’s good to have some empirical research to back it up.

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