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Interracial Puppies?

John Nguyen, Ross Parry Syndication
John Nguyen, Ross Parry Syndication

As a white mother of a black child, this story from Doncaster, England  really caught my eye.  What happens when you breed a white female poodle with a black male poodle?  In this case, ALL EIGHT of the offspring turned out black, a genetic rarity.  Together they make quite a picture!

 Sukanto My Fair Lady (otherwise known as Rosie), who lives with John & Carol Marsden, went into labor unexpectedly, and Mrs. Marsden actually got to deliver the first three pups before the breeder got there to take over.  Over the course of seven hours, all of the puppies were born healthy and happy.  Good thing Mrs. Marsden is a retired nurse! 

 To keep her strength up while caring for the newborns, Rosie is being treated to a liter of goat’s milk every day from the Stone family farm, just down the road from the Marsdens. 

 The father is Kertellas on Easy Street at Montravia, but goes by the much less-of-a-mouthful name of Alfie.  He lives with Marita Rodgers.  No word on what he thought of his octuplets.  (Should I say “typical man”?)

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