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Spay Neuter Grants Available

Many golden retriever puppy lovely in a gold basket

If you work for or have a soft spot for spay / neuter programs, you need to know that PetSmart Charities is accepting applications for spay/neuter program grants during the month of August.

Acceptable uses for the grant money include:
Clinic improvement/equipment (under $50,000)
Mobile spay/neuter clinics (under $50,000)
Subsidized spay/neuter programs
TNR programs
University spay/neuter programs
Municipal shelter pet spay/neuter

Apply at PetSmart Charities.

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Dogs die due to lack of money for care

From BBC News:  Okay, this one should have been obvious, but the RSPCA is encouraging indigent pet owners to ask for help if their pets have medical problems.  It seems that Elizabeth Evans of Carmarthenshire just received a sentence of 200 hours of community service and 1000 pounds for allowing her two dogs to die rather than seeking out someone to help pay for their medical care.

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