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Update on Carmen, the hero dog

Photo courtesy Cincinnati Care Center Vet
Photo courtesy Cincinnati Care Center Vet
According to the Cincinnati Care Center, Carmen continues to improve. She has not needed to go back on the ventilator and is eating well. They’ve even gotten her up and about for a short therapy session. Love, love, LOVE that they are posting people’s messages on her kennel walls so she knows how much everyone is pulling for her. Check out all the pictures on the Center’s Facebook page. #HopeForCarmen

Here’s what her family has to say about her amazing progress:
Carmen is still doing well. Today she started Physical Therapy and she’s working on being able to stand up on her own again, among other things. Because she’s fully awake and alert, our visits are short. We want her to save her energy for PT. It’s exciting to see her recognize us, try to greet us and give us expressions that show her personality shining through once again. We’re still focused on one day at a time, though with each day that she continues to improve we have more hope that we will see her come home.

Our family continues to be amazed at the amount of donations, support, thoughts and prayers being said for our family and Carmen. We are still trying to find the right words to truly express our appreciation. Thank you, everyone, for your generosity. It is because of your generosity that we can concentrate on providing Carmen with the best care. Thank you!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!