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Aaaaaaand they’re off!

The first musher, Aaron Peck, and his dogs are now leaving Deshka Landing for the start of the Last Great Trail Race, the 49th running of the Iditarod!

This will be Aliy Zirkle’s last race as she heads into retirement following 20 years in the sport.

Many other races have been cancelled during this year of COVID19 but the Iditarod has made some significant changes to allow it to carry on. The route has been made into a circle, beginning and ending in Deshka Landing rather than riding all the way to Nome, and many of the checkpoints have been set up away from town centers to keep the mushers isolated from native communities. In addition, no spectators are allowed.

Everything Iditarod

BigStock Photo
BigStock Photo

The grandaddy of all dog sled races begins this Sunday! The 49th Iditarod race includes 13 women and 34 men, made up of 12 rookies and 35 veterans. Four former Iditarod champions are back in the race and four countries are represented in the field. Five competing mushers have participated in 18 or more Iditarod races.

Here’s what you need to know about the build-up to the big race:

***TONIGHT*** (Thursday, March 4, 2021) Pre-Race Show at 9 pm Eastern. Broadcast free on Iditarod.com

Friday: Rookie Musher Panel at 8 pm Eastern, Women in Mushing Panel at 9 pm Eastern. Both require a subscription to Insider Ultimate PLUS on Iditarod.com Continue reading Everything Iditarod

Iditarod 2020: Standings as of 3/16 @ 6:20 PM Alaska Time

Waerner / Photo courtesy Concord Monitor
Waerner / Photo courtesy Concord Monitor

If it’s Monday, it must be Koyuk!

Thomas Waerner remains in the lead, leaving Koyuk @ 13:35.
Jessie Royer left Koyuk @ 17:35
Aaron Burmeister left @ 17:42
Mitch Seavey left @ 18:10
Wade Marrs has slipped up to 5th place, arriving in Koyuk @ 15:12, one minute before Brent Sass. They are both still there.

Current weather in Koyuk: 32F and cloudy.

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Iditarod 2020: Standings as of 3/13 @ 12:45 PM Alaska Time

Royer / Photo courtesy Go2Moon.com
Royer / Photo courtesy Go2Moon.com

And they’re into Ruby! The top five mushers entered Ruby checkpoint, as follows:

Jessie Royer @ 6:37
Thomas Waerner @ 7:13
Aaron Burmeister @ 7:14
Brent Sass @ 7:50
Richie Diehl @ 8:44

Royer left the checkpoint at 11:35 this morning; the rest are still there. All five have completed their 24-hour rest period, but not the 8-hour.

Weather at Ruby: 14F and sunny.

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