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The grandaddy of all dog sled races begins this Sunday! The 49th Iditarod race includes 13 women and 34 men, made up of 12 rookies and 35 veterans. Four former Iditarod champions are back in the race and four countries are represented in the field. Five competing mushers have participated in 18 or more Iditarod races.

Here’s what you need to know about the build-up to the big race:

***TONIGHT*** (Thursday, March 4, 2021) Pre-Race Show at 9 pm Eastern. Broadcast free on Iditarod.com

Friday: Rookie Musher Panel at 8 pm Eastern, Women in Mushing Panel at 9 pm Eastern. Both require a subscription to Insider Ultimate PLUS on Iditarod.com

Saturday: Ceremonial start at 1:30 pm Eastern. Free broadcast on Iditarod.com. Insider PLUS members can catch the Champions of the Iditarod Panel at 9 pm Eastern.

Sunday: Live start at Deshka Landing, starting at 5:30 pm and broadcast free on Iditarod.com.

If you’re not familiar, the start is staggered so the dogs don’t all get tangled up in each other. The time is made up by earlier starters taking longer rest periods along the course.

Starting Order

1 Paige Drobny
2 Martin Buser
3 Riley Dyche
4 Dan Kaduce
5 Ryne Olson
6 Joanna Jagow
7 Dennis Kananowicz
8 Jeff Deeter
9 Michelle Phillips
10 Matt Hall
11 Ryan Redington
12 Gunnar Johnson
13 Brent Sass
14 Lev Shvarts
15 Wade Marrs
16 Aaron Peck
17 Nicolas Petit
18 Cody Strathe
19 Susannah Tuminelli
20 Will Troshynski
21 Chad Stoddard
22 Ramey Smyth
23 Anna Berington
24 Kristy Berington
25 Christopher Parker
26 Dakota Schlosser
27 Aaron Burmeister
28 Hal Hanson
29 Dallas Seavey
30 Jessie Royer
31 Richie Diehl
32 Joar Leifseth Ulsom
33 Peter Kaiser
34 Matthew Failor
35 Aliy Zirkle
36 Travis Beals
37 Sean Williams
38 Joshua McNeal
39 Mille Porsild
40 Brenda Mackey
41 Jessie Holmes
42 Rick Casillo
43 Cindy Gallea
44 Sean Underwood
45 Victoria Hardwick
46 Larry Daugherty
47 Jeremy Traska

Most of the racers hail from Alaska, although Michelle Phillips is from the Yukon Territory in Canada, Gunnar Johnson is from Minnesota, Aaron Peck came in from Alberta, Canada, Joar Ulsom traveled all the way from Norway, and Mille Porsild came in from Denmark. Learn all about your favorite mushers.

Looking forward to all the hoopla!

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