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Puppy Shot and Killed on Family’s Front Porch

WNDU Video on Demand –

WNDU in Indiana is reporting on a tragic case of “he said / she said” in Hamlet. When a police officer stopped by the house to ask a few questions about a car parked nearby on the street, the homeowner stepped out on the porch with his five-month old Boxer puppy.

The police officer said the “pit bull” charged him, while the family says he simply barked before the officer pulled his gun and started shooting at the dog. After five shots, the dog still wasn’t dead, so the family asked the officer to please put him out of his misery. A final shot to the head took care of it.

Although the officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the police department, neighbors aren’t so sure. They’ve posted signs supporting the family and mourning the loss of the dog.

Obviously, none of us were there and don’t know what really happened. It’s just sad all the way around.

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