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Emergency Medical Care for your Dog


This is CPR awareness week – do you have a plan for how to manage your dog’s emergency care?  I have a couple of recommendations.

Take the Red Cross’ first aid class for pets.  It’s been awhile since I took it, so I can’t remember if it includes CPR or not, but it did include a lot of valuable information on treating life’s everyday boo-boos.

Learn the location of the nearest emergency vet clinic and plot the quickest route to it.  If you have the luxury of more than one clinic in your area, find out about any policies they have that might impact your choice of which one to use.  Does one or the other have “forgiving” payment terms so you can get your dog treated even if you can’t pay right away?  Is one or the other endorsed by your vet?  Does one or the other offer follow-up care if you need it?  What about hours of operation?

Ask your vet if there are certain treatments you can provide at home.  Your dog is bound to be more comfortable with you touching him than the vet.  (OK, that sounded bad, but you know what I mean!)  If you are capable of taking care of some of his needs, whether on an emergency basis or for long-term medical issues, why not make him more comfortable by treating him in a very familiar environment.

Keep basic medical supplies on hand so you are prepared for emergencies when they arise.  You don’t want to have your dog bleeding all over the floor when you find out you are out of bandages or antiseptic.

Keep an emergency kit stocked for any natural disasters that might occur in your area.  Make sure you have enough food, water, and medicines for 3 – 5 days until basic services are restored.

Hoping you never need these suggestions!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!