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Levi: FBI dog

Do you remember the PAX series, Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye that aired from 2002 – 07?  One of the major stars of the show was Levi, the golden retriever who served as an assistance dog to Ms. Thomas.  The series was based on the true story of Sue Thomas, who served first as a fingerprint specialist for the FBI, then was promoted to a surveillance team with the help of her assistance dog.

Because of the involvement of Levi, Animal Planet has picked up the syndication option on the show and is broadcasting repeats on Monday nights at 9 pm.  If things go well, they may even have more episodes produced.

If you didn’t see the show the first time around, it’s worth checking out.  Not terribly dramatic or suspenseful, but a good way to see how differently-abled people interact with their assistance dogs, and not a bad story about the type of cases the FBI pursues.

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