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Westminster Agility 101

While we’re waiting for the competition to start, I’ll tell you a little bit about what you’ll see tonight. First, the judges: Andrew Dicker of Reading, England spent the day judging Jumpers with Weaves and will oversee the small to medium sized dogs in the Championship round tonight. Lori Sage of Oregon City, Oregon judged the Standard Agility Course this morning and afternoon, and will be judging the medium-to-large sized dogs in the Championship round Continue reading Westminster Agility 101

Agility Show Broadcast Delayed

C’mon Fox Sports 1! I’ve been waiting all day for the Westminster Masters Agility Championships, which were supposed to start at 7 pm. But the basketball game is running over. I like college hoops as much as the next person, but pleeeeeeease can we start with the dogs already? They’d better present it in its entirety!

*stopping whining now

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2014 Westminster Agility Course

shutterstock_174662624I had planned on spending today live-blogging the agility event at this year’s inaugural Westminster Masters Agility Competition. Imagine my surprise when I learned they are not streaming any of the event online or through their mobile app nor are they posting preliminary results on their site. Grrrrrr.

I will bring you what news I can, whenever I can, and I will definitely post tonight during the televised portion of the competition – the finals.

For now, you can download the running order if you have friends who are competing, and you can see a layout of the various courses here.

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Good day, and good dog!