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2014 Westminster Agility Course

shutterstock_174662624I had planned on spending today live-blogging the agility event at this year’s inaugural Westminster Masters Agility Competition. Imagine my surprise when I learned they are not streaming any of the event online or through their mobile app nor are they posting preliminary results on their site. Grrrrrr.

I will bring you what news I can, whenever I can, and I will definitely post tonight during the televised portion of the competition – the finals.

For now, you can download the running order if you have friends who are competing, and you can see a layout of the various courses here.

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More News from Westminster

From the Westminster Kennel Club: news about next month’s show.

Westminster’s 138th show, scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 10-11, drew an entry of 2,845 as America’s Dog Show extends its standing as the second-longest continuously-held sporting event in this country, a streak that began in 1877.

There are entries in 187 breeds and varieties eligible for this year’s show. Labrador Retrievers, coincidentally the most-registered AKC breed every year since 1991, leads the way with 76 entries, followed by Golden Retrievers (58), French Bulldogs (52), Rhodesian Ridgebacks (46), and Australian Shepherds (44). In breeds that combine three varieties, Dachshunds have 62 entries and Poodles 42.
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Disability, Schmisability: Wheelchair no impediment to agility champion

From Life with Dogs: Zip, a Border Collie who had five agility championships under her belt, was hit by a car last January. Now fitted for a wheelchair, she wanted to continue to compete. Would she let a physical disability stop her? Not a chance! Check out how she tries to jump over the hurdles which were taken down in consideration of her chair.

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