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AKC Names New Breed to the Pack

PouchieFrom today’s Facebook feed, courtesy of #AKCFamilyDog. (Check the date)

The American Kennel Club is proud to announce the addition of a new breed to the Terrier Group, effective April 1. The Silver-Coated Pouch Terrier is known for his hardy constitution and characteristically “wobbly” but surprisingly efficient movement, capable of tremendous reach and drive. Like so many breeds, the history of the SCPT is lost in the mists of time, but we know that his association with humans reaches back to antiquity. His lush, silver-sable double coat needs only minimal maintenance, requiring a bath only about once a year or whenever he becomes smelly. A defining characteristic of the breed is his gently rounded (though not roached) back, with his long, somewhat hairless tail carried low and continuing the graceful curve of the topline. The tail is traditionally undocked. Continue reading AKC Names New Breed to the Pack