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Puppy Palooza Pic

Photo: Kathryn Buckles

Got this on my twitter feed today. Apparently it was Puppy Palooza night at Progressive Field / Indians game.  They are so cute I just had to share!

(Frank – this one’s for you.)

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

PS – Just got down far enough on my Twitter page to find the sponsoring organization for Puppy Palooza.  Can anyone explain to me why the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District is presenting Puppy Palooza???  Are puppies really a problem for the sewer district?  Is the sewer district responsible for puppies?  I’m sooooooo confused!

UPDATE:  Thanks for the response @NEORSD.  Apparently, they are running a campaign about how “Because Dogs Can’t Flush” you need to pick up your dog’s messes before they get into the groundwater.  Now, it all makes sense.  (Not something I really wanted to think about, but it does make sense!)