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Jake & Tycho – Dog Video Stars

I got an e-mail from Martha, asking me to share her site with all of you. She has two dogs, Jake & Tycho, who “star” in a new video each weekday. They’re really cute! And I especially love the public service announcement about adopting from a shelter.

Here’s her promo info, which is a pretty apt description.

Move over, Laurel and Hardy!  Jake and Tycho are in town!


Who are Jake and Tycho, you say?  Only the funniest new comedy duo to hit the Internet.

I guarantee you haven’t seen anything like it before.  You’ll have to see it for yourself though.  Go to and bookmark it now.  You’ll find a new video comic strip every weekday morning.  Nothing better than starting your day with a laugh.  Or just sit back, relax, and watch over 200 oldies but goodies.  Bookmark it now:  .http://jakeandtycho.comhttp://jakeandtycho.com


Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!