Tuesday’s Top Ten: YouTube Dog Videos

Did a little surfing on YouTube today, and came up with my picks for the top 10 dog-related videos on their site.  Feel free to nominate more!

Click on the numbers to see the videos.

10. Lots of goofy still pictures with even goofier captions.

9. A beautiful husky talking to his friends.

8. A Simpson-esque parody of $25,000 Pyramid.

7. A dog trying to get the cat out of his bed.

6. A very well-trained dog waiting for his treat.

5. Dogs who speak English.

4. Still pix of animals dressed up for Halloween.

3. More from the same guy who did #10.

2. Jack Russell puppies

1. No big suprise here.  You had to have guessed my favorite would involve Beagles!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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