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The World of Dog Fashion


This is Baron, all dressed and ready for his close-up, but he’s not exactly what I had in mind when I thought I’d write about dog fashion.

I remember when it used to be considered humiliating to dress your dog up, but now dog fashion is big business.  No more homemade knit sweaters from Grandma!  You can buy everything from jewel-encrusted collars to hoodies to holiday gear to hats for your favorite four-legged friend.  And really, who doesn’t look good in a hat?

Below are just a few of the over 1 million pages dedicated to the dog who has the right outfit for every occasion (and the owner who has way too much disposable income!)





Most of these sites have figured out that no wedding is complete without dogs (perish the thought!).  With June fast approaching, they are featuring tuxedoes, veils, and even gowns for Your Big Fat Greek Wedding.  No word yet on matching shoes.

If you aren’t planning a walk down the aisle anytime soon, maybe you’d prefer some “everyday” clothes.  My favorite pick?  The rose and lace biker dress that all the girls will be wearing in Sturgis, featured here:  http://www.kooldawgtees.com/images/BlkLeatherDress_1_.jpg


Now, I love shopping as well as the next girl, but I really never knew I could spend this much money dressing my dogs!  Live and learn.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!