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It's been a long day at work. You were so busy, you didn't even take time to eat a sandwich, let alone run home to let your dog out. You're on your way home, knowing the poor dog is crossing his or her legs by now, when your car breaks down, delaying you even further. Can't somebody make this easier?

Turns out several companies have done just that! These companies sell systems that allow your dog to go to the bathroom inside your home without messing your carpets. The blog here on posted about the Potty Patch, and received a bigger response to it than to any other post. Many of our readers had concerns about the customer service they received from this particular company, but there is apparently a huge amount of interest in solving the problem of providing a place for your dog to do his business when you aren't home.

puppy peed on newspaper
where does your dog go when he can't go outside?

What are the alternatives?

There are at least ten companies that make indoor potty systems or other portable systems that you might keep on your patio or deck if you are short on yard space. All of them appear to be most appealing for waste of the liquid variety, as it appears that solid waste would simply sit on top of the device. While this is better than having it sit on your carpet, you would still have an intense odor when you walked into the house. The systems vary greatly in size, design appeal, and price, so shop carefully.


The UGoDog system uses basic newspapers as the absorbent material in its system. The papers are placed in a frame, then covered with a grate that keeps the dog from getting his feet wet and tracking urine all over your house. The company bills this as an environmentally friendly arrangement, as the newspapers can be recycled each day when they are removed from the dog's potty system. Changing the newspapers daily prevents odor, while the grate keeps your puppy from chewing up the newspapers. The retail price is $49.95, and more information can be found on the UGoDog Web site.

Porch Potty

The Porch Potty, available in two sizes, both in a standard model or a premium model, claims it is great for both indoor and outdoor use. The catch basin is much deeper than that on the UGoDog model, and it is topped with either the standard perforated synthetic grass or optional live training sod. The basin also has a drainage hose that can be fed to a nearby drain to remove the liquids from the system. To clean the synthetic grass, the company recommends pouring water from a watering can over the system to rinse the urine down into the drain. Alternatively, the premium model comes with pop-up sprinkler heads that rinse the grass for you. Prices range from $225 to $279. Porch Potty's Web site is here.


The WizDog system (gotta love the name!) is very similar to the UGoDog system. A tray is covered in newspapers or pee pads, then a grate is placed on top to keep the dog's feet out of the mess. The company recommends that solid waste left on top of the grate be dealt with by simply flipping the grate to dump the waste into the catch pan. The WizDog system is made for dogs under 40 pounds, but for larger dogs, two systems can be purchased and placed next to each other. Upgrades available for the WizDog are WizPads, which are purported to attract and encourage your dog to eliminate on the Wizdog, and to be super absorbent, helping to eliminate odors. In addition the company's WizOff, special industrial strength dog stain and odor removal product contains live bacterial enzyme solution to eliminate urine, feces, drool, vomit, and other dog produced stains and odors. The Web site states that this product is completely non-toxic and environmentally safe. The potty system itself retails for $39.95, and a starter kit including the WizPads and WizOff costs $59.95.

Penthouse Potty

The Penthouse Potty from Cosmopolitan Canine is similar to the standard Porch Potty, only it is designed to look sleeker on your deck or patio. Billed as "where city dogs go when nature calls" the polyvinyl tray is 9" tall, allowing most small dogs and all large dogs the ability to use the potty. Synthetic grass known as K9 grass tops the catch basin and can be cleaned with water and disinfectant. The $319 price tag includes the frame, drainage tray, K9 grass, catch pan, and one packet of disinfectant. This product does come fully assembled and carries a 30-day money-back guarantee. For those who are low on space, the Condo Canine Tray ($109) is basically the same system, only without the drainage tray.

Ingrass Puppy Potty

The Ingrass Puppy Potty is a lower-profile system than the Penthouse Potty, making it easier for puppies and older dogs to get onto the synthetic grass. The Web site boasts that this company has "unequaled customer service and products" that are great for "terraces, decks, boats, campers, or anywhere!" The turf used in the Ingrass model is pre-treated with an attraction spray to encourage your dog to try out the system, while the built-in grate on the bottom of the tray keeps the turf raised up out of the mess. The made in-the-USA turf is also rubber-backed, is naturally anti-bacterial, free of lead and heavy metals, dries quickly, and allows flow-through drainage. Raised lips on all sides of the catch pan purports to make it easier to lift when it comes time to empty the pan. The retail price is $109, which includes free shipping to the contiguous United States.

Rascal Dog Litter Box

The Rascal Dog Litter Box has a unique design including a low front edge that elderly dogs and small puppies can easily step over, and raised edges on the other three sides to keep male dogs from spraying the walls surrounding the potty. The bottom of the box is lined with synthetic turf which is scented to attract your dog to the box. Caution: this box is made for dogs weighing 25 pounds or less. The basic model (box, support grid, and one piece of turf) sells for $69.99, while adding an extra turf mat raises the price to $89.99. It may be worth your while to go ahead and buy the extra piece of turf when you order your system, because if you go back later to order just the turf, it will run $25. In addition, the shipping cost is reduced by $10, when the combo pack (box, support grid and two turf mats) is purchased. Visit the Rascal Dog Litter Box Web site here.

Patio Park

The Patio Park system, billed as the Cadillac of dog potties, comes with a spacious area of turf, backed by a "picket fence" back wall to avoid wall splashes. Also included is a fire hydrant that entices your dog to visit the potty. Made of "tough plastic" the unit features reservoirs and irrigation strips which automatically water the grass inside your dog potty, keeping it fresh and green. (No word on how often you have to mow!) Grass sod can be purchased from the company's Web site or at any sod farm or plant nursery. Artificial turf can also be used. This unit, recipient of an Editors Choice Award from Dog Fancy, as well as the Best of Show award from the 1999 Great Invention Competition, can be yours for the bargain price of just $219. Other products are also available, including an awning to give your dog a bit more privacy, a name plate for the fire hydrant, and bottles of BacZyme which keeps the grass from smelling quite so bad.


The Pet-a-Potty comes in sizes ranging from mini (20 x 18 x 6 inches) to XXXL (8.5 x 4.5 feet), making it useful for any size dog from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane. This product, similar to the Penthouse Potty features a concealed trap pan to collect urine. The easy accessibility of the pan allows for "no hassle cleaning" according to the company's Web site. Prices range from $199 to $1,999.99, depending on the size of the box. Also available to select southern California residents is a cleaning service, where a company representative comes out to empty and sanitize the catch pan and replace the sod for you. Other products include faux fire hydrants and Smell-U-Later fast acting odor terminator.

Doggie Potty

The Doggie Potty, available here, is unique in offering a three-tiered system rather than the two offered by most competitors. The middle tier (between the sod and the catch pan) is an absorbent pad to keep the catch pan from getting quite so full. The molded catch pan is designed to allow the grass-scented turf to fit snugly against the sides. The pan and turf are washable, but the pee pads must be replaced. The Doggie Potty is available in two sizes, priced at $139 and $179.

Pup Head

The Pup Head Portable Dog Potty comes in three sizes to accommodate any dog. As the name implies, the Pup Head was built for those who take their dogs boating, but it is also useful for those who live in high-rises, hate taking their dogs out in the rain or snow, or have unpredictable schedules. This system also has three tiers, including a heavy-duty, light-weight tray, your choice of absorbent material in the middle, and Pup-Grass, a scented synthetic grass featuring instant drainage and antimicrobials. One of the key features of this system is that it is low to the ground, making the head accessible to any dog. This product, as well as many related products, is available from the PupGear Corporation.

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