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Bonding With Your New Puppy

NEW DOG OWNERSDid you ever think about how valuable it might be to your puppy if you bonded with him or her? Bonding allows your dog to develop a special link to you and your family. Read More

Socializing Your New Puppy

DOG HEALTHOne of your most important jobs as a puppy parent is to properly socialize your new little bundle of joy. Read More

Teaching Your Puppy Not to Nip

PUPPY TRAININGAs if the pain of a puppy bite werenít bad enough, one of the problems with puppies who nip is that they often grow up into big dogs that bite. Read More

What is Normal Puppy Development?

PUPPIESMost of us know that when puppies are born, they have their eyes closed and they donít know where to go to the bathroom, but do you know anything else about how they grow and develop? Read More

Please! No Puppies under the Christmas Tree

HOLIDAYSItís so tempting to put a small puppy in a nice box under the tree with a ribbon around his or her neck to surprise your kids or other loved ones on Christmas morning. Read More

Help! My Puppy is Chewing Up My House!

DOG TRAININGThe reason God made puppies so cute is to ensure the survival of the species. Everything else about them is so annoying, especially their chewing propensity! Read More

Caring for Newborn Puppies

PUPPY CAREIn an ideal world the mama dog will provide everything her puppies need, but in the real world you may need to step in to assist if she canít or wonít care for them properly. In some cases, a mother might reject one or more of her pups, particularly if they are sickly or under-sized. Read More

Should I Register My Dog with a Kennel Club?

DOG REGISTRATIONIf you've recently brought a new dog into your home, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about registration. The purpose of registration is to create a pedigree, hopefully assuring that each subsequent breed pair will enhance the breed, producing puppies who are as close as possible to the ideal. Read More

Bottle-Feeding Puppies

NEWBORN PUPPY CAREMost of the time the mama dog will have enough milk and a burning desire to take care of her puppies. However, if a litter is abandoned or the mother becomes unable to take care of her puppies, you may find yourself having to bottle feed. Read More

Socializing Your New Puppy to Your Older Dog: Kindergarten Revisited

PUPPYHOODIntroducing your new puppy to your existing dog takes time and patience to happen safely, but it's worth the effort. Read More

Puppy-Proofing Your Home

NEW PUPPYBringing home a new puppy is so exciting, but you must remember that your number one job is to keep your new puppy safe. New pups will spend much of their time exploring their surroundings and seeing what they can get into. Read More

Your Puppy: Teaching Confidence, Respect and Trust

TRAININGHis big brown eyes might melt your heart, but don't let your new puppy have his own way all the time. Read More

Teach Your Puppy to Come When You Call

TRAININGTraining your puppy to come when you call him is an important first lesson. It gets his attention and leads to further training, but most of all he needs to respond when you call in urgent situations, such as if he escapes your yard, is about to run into traffic, or is about to do something wrong or dangerous. Read More

Training Begins with Your Puppy's First Steps

TRAININGStarting to train your new puppy early on ensures your pup knows what's expected of him and makes for a happier relationship with your dog. Read More

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