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Grooming Your Gorgeous Canine

GROOMINGWe all know that you could spend a fortune on grooming your dog, but what grooming tasks are truly important and what ones are not really necessary? Read More

Bonding with your Puppy Through Grooming

GROOMING How do you make the grooming process easier and more enjoyable for both you and your dog? By starting early and making it fun, of course. Read More

Help! My Dog Won't Stop Shedding

GROOMINGWe all love our dogs, but most of us could live without all of the shedding. Most dogs shed at least a little bit most of the time; however, if you live with a dog who has a thick undercoat, you know that some dogs shed enough fur to insulate your entire house in the spring and fall. The undercoat gets totally blown out in preparation for the upcoming winter or summer. Read More

Grooming: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

GROOMINGSo you want your dog to look like he or she is fit to compete at Westminster, but there are about 53 million different types of grooming tools at your local pet store. How do you choose? Read More

Keeping Your Dog's Coat Healthy and Beautiful at Home

DOG CAREOne of the money savers often suggested is to do your grooming at home rather than taking the dog to a salon. Whether you do a lot of grooming or a little between trips to the groomer, having the right tools can make a big difference. Read More

Cleaning Up After Your Dog

CLEANINGMany of you hate to deal with clean-up chores like getting fur off of your floors, furniture, and clothing, and cleaning up after your dog has an accident. Which products work the best to help with the arduous task of cleaning up after your dog? Read More

Grooming Your Dog at Home

GROOMINGMany dogs are taken regularly to a commercial grooming establishment, and countless thousands of dollars are spent to maintain their coiffures, but it really is possible to groom your dog at home. Read More

Dog Shampoos

GROOMINGThere are nearly as many brands of dog shampoo as there are of human shampoo, and choosing the wrong one can cause your dog to be itchy, oily, or may even cause his fur to fall out! Read More

Canine Cleanliness: How to Give Your Dog a Bath

GROOMINGYou'll need to know how to bathe your dog, especially if he likes to roll in anything "less than fresh"! Here we've broken it down into simple steps you can easily master. Read More

Types of Dog Shampoos

GROOMINGDogs will be dogs, and that means they are going to get dirty! There are many kinds of dog shampoo available today when it's time for your pooch to come clean. Read More

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