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Dog Walking Tips Every Owner Should Know

DOG FUN Walking your dog is not only crucial to keeping him healthy and happy, it strengthens the bond between your canine friend and his caregiver. There are a lot of obstacles out there. Don’t forget these simple tips to keep your walk fun and safe in the outside world. Read More

Five Training Lessons you MUST Teach Your Dog

DOG TRAINING It’s not enough to simply walk the dog through the front door and hope he will acclimate to his new surroundings; you have to teach him how to interact with the new people and items in his environment. Read More

Introducing Your Dog to a Cat

SOCIALIZATIONIt's easy to do. After you bring one animal into your home, without tremendous amounts of willpower, you may soon find the four-legged residents of your home outnumbering the two-leggers. So how do you make the introductions between your dog and your cat without their fighting, well, like dogs and cats? Read More

Safely Introducing Your Dog to Children

KIDS AND DOGSHere's our guide to keeping everyone safe when you introduce your dog to small children. Read More

Top Ten Dogs for Experienced Owners

EXPERIENCED OWNERSNo one is saying that any of these breeds is bad; however, they do have some character traits and physical differences that make them more challenging than some of the other breeds. Read More

Training Your Puppy Keeps Him Safe

TRAININGDid you know you can start obedience training just about immediately? In fact, training your puppy as soon as possible will help assure his or her safety for many years to come. Read More

Exercising the Siberian Husky Safely: Harness Training

TRAININGMany Huskies have become lost or met untimely deaths from chasing game, pursuing livestock, or simply dashing across a busy road to check out a dog on the other side. They should therefore always be kept on a sturdy leash when outside of a well-fenced property. Read More

Siberian Husky Training Basics

TRAININGSiberian Huskies are not ordinary domestic dogs. These dogs, like the other sled dog breeds, need to be with owners who can manage them in an appropriate, firm and non-violent “pack leader” manner. Read More

Handling Run-Away Dogs

TRAININGDogs have been known to escape, run for miles, and stay gone for several days. It’s scary, and may seem like an unsolvable problem, but there are some tried and true ways to deal with that. Read More

Dealing with Your Dog’s Bad Behavior

DOG TRAININGWhether it’s that they beg for table scraps or drink from the toilet, there are ways you can stop the behavior without getting rid of the dog. Read More

Dogs With Jobs: Assistance Dogs

GUIDE DOGSAssistance dogs are those animals who give differently-abled people the chance to be more independent in daily living. Read More

The Importance of Puppy Training

DOG TRAININGWhat’s the most important thing you can do for a new puppy? Of course, you will take care of his or her health care including vaccinations and spaying/neutering, but your top priority beyond health care should be training. Read More

Everything You Wanted to Know about Guide Dogs

GUIDE DOGSWe’ve all seen them – those beautiful dogs that work with visually-impaired people to give them greater independence. Did you ever wonder how they are bred and trained? Read More

Introducing Your Dog and Cat

TRAININGIt's easy to do. After you bring one animal into your home, if you don't have a tremendous amount of willpower, you may soon find the four-legged residents of your home outnumbering the two-leggers. So how do you make the introductions between your dog and your cat without their fighting, well, like dogs and cats? Read More

Help Your Dog Chase Away His Boredom

DOG ACTIVITIESHave you scoffed at the idea of doggie daycare? You might think, "My dog sleeps all day. Why would I pay for daycare?" The truth may be that your dog sleeps because he is bored. Here are a few boredom busters to help get your dog up and moving again, without the expense of daycare. Read More

Assistance Dogs For Kids With Autism

DOGS WITH JOBSMost of us have heard of the work done by the non-profit organization Guiding Eyes for the Blind, but did you know they also have a program called Heeling Autism designed to train and match assistance dogs with children who have autism? Read More

Dog Laws

LEGAL MATTERSA lot of us are totally unaware of the dog laws where we live. It can be both dangerous and costly to stay in the dark. And dog laws are often changed without much notice. In just one year (2007), 43 new dog laws were passed – 42 at the state level and one at the federal level. Read More

Help! My Dog Just Bit the Neighbor!

BEHAVIOR & TRAININGSo, you have what you thought was the perfect dog and the perfect neighbor, until the dog takes a bite out of the neighbor. What next? Of course you will be expected to pay any medical bills, but how do you prevent it from happening again, and how do you protect yourself legally? Read More

Overcoming Your Dog's Behavioral Challenges

BEHAVIOR & TRAININGHave you found yourself saying, "He's a great dog, BUT..."? It seems like most dogs have one or two habits that drive us nuts, even though 99% of the time our dog is the best friend we'll ever have. How do you help your dog learn the rules for that other 1% of the time? Read More

Choosing a Trainer for Your Dog

DOG TRAINING TIPSWhen you bring home a new dog, one of the first things you may try to do is to train the dog in basic obedience. Sometimes that's not enough to make an obedience star out of your new family member. If you decide to seek professional help, our guide can help you find the right fit. Read More

Adopting an Abused Dog

DOG ADVOCACYHave you ever considered adopting an abused dog, but felt you might be getting in over your head? Here’s what you need to know about rehabilitating an abused dog. Read More

Training Methods

TRAININGOne of the first things many families work on when they bring a new dog into their home is training. Whether you want the dog to follow basic obedience commands, have good manners, or go potty in a designated spot you just can't get around the fact that training requires lots of time and patience. Read More

Dogs and Teaching Children Responsibility

KIDS AND DOGSYou can just hear it now, your child is trying every trick in the book to get you to bring home a puppy. One of the arguments is usually "I promise I'll take care of it!" Many parents get a puppy for the purpose of teaching their children responsibility. But does this really work? Read More

Police Dogs

DOG JOBSHave you ever seen a police dog work? K-9 units are given a wide variety of tasks to do, and it's fun to see how they are trained and how well they respond to their handlers' commands. Read More

Living with an Aggressive Dog

TRAININGWhat do you do with a dog who is mommy’s little snookums 90% of the time, but a vicious monster the other 10%? How do you balance the risk against your desire to keep your baby in the family? Read More

Puppy Potty Training: Housebreaking Time

HOUSEBREAKINGWhen you bring home a new dog, you must be prepared for potty training your dog. He will not know where you expect him or her to go to the bathroom without your help. Read More

Top Ten Most Annoying Dog Behaviors and How to Fix Them – Part Two

TRAININGIn part one we covered the behaviors of jumping up on people, drinking from the toilet, giving kisses, barking, and destroying your stuff. Now, we continue with the remainder of the top ten most annoying dog behaviors. Read More

Service Dogs

DOG JOBSWhat is a Service Dog? A service animal is “any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability..." Read More

Shaping Your Dog’s Behavior

BEHAVIORThere are many different training methods sworn to by various trainers. Which one is right for your dog? How do they all work? Read More

Top Ten Most Annoying Dog Behaviors and How to Fix Them – Part One

TRAININGIf you have a dog, you likely have to deal with at least one annoying behavior from him. Read on for some tips on how to deal with the most common aggravations. Read More

Basic Obedience Training for Your Dog

BASIC TRAININGOne of your biggest jobs as a dog guardian is to keep your dog safe, and the best way to do this is to train your dog to obey the basic commands so he stays under your control at all times. Read More

Therapy Dogs

DOG JOBSHave you ever wondered what goes into making a great Therapy Dog? Check out this informative article that explains how a dog can become a therapy dog. Read More

Socializing Your Dog

TRAININGNo, socializing doesn’t mean teaching your dog which fork to use at dinner parties or how to walk with a book on his head. Dog socialization involves teaching your dog to respond in a healthy way to things that make him anxious or frightened. Read More

Public Service Dogs

DOG JOBSWe’ve all seen dogs who serve the public, whether as fire house mascots, police dogs, arson dogs, or armed services dogs. Have you ever stopped to think about why these dogs are used, where they come from or how they are trained? Wonder no more! This article will answer all of these questions, as well as some you haven’t even thought of yet! Read More

Therapy Dog Training

DOG JOBSIf you're thinking about getting involved in pet therapy, there is a lot to consider before embarking on this challenging and rewarding pursuit. Read More

Help! – My Dog Won’t Stop Barking

TRAININGIf your dog is constantly barking, there are some things you can do to address it. Read More

Top 10 Puppy Training Tips

TRAININGA quick list of how-to's to get your puppy's education off to a winning start. Read More


TRAININGHousetraining your new dog can be frustrating, but it's important to be consistent and start early, as that will help Puppy learn the rules more quickly. Read More

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