The Pampered Canine

Does your dog have a special day coming up? Maybe his birthday or maybe a day you want to reward her for being such a good dog? If so, you may be interested in what's available for pampering your pooch, outside of the extra special treat, toy, or day in the park.

Romantic Dog Dinner
A romantic dinner for two? Learn about different options to pamper your dog.

The Pet Industry is growing by leaps and bounds

The American Pet Products Association estimates that we spent nearly $53 billion dollars on our furry friends in 2012, up from the $51 billion we spent in 2011. While the biggest portion of that money was spent on food (over $20 billion), they note that many national "human" companies are coming out with pet lines in products like shampoo, toys, and gourmet treats. Whether you treat yourself to Paul Mitchell hair care products, Omaha Steaks, or Harley Davidson gear, you can now pamper your dog with products from the same company.

In addition, you will find that many establishments such as hotels are now beginning to understand the importance of keeping the dog with the family, so they are opening their doors in increasing numbers to four-legged guests. And don't forget about safety! If you're going to take your dog on vacation in the car, he or she needs a seatbelt harness for protection in the event of a wreck.

Products designed to keep your dog and your house clean and fresh are also on the market in increasing numbers. You might choose cleansing wipes for the paws or face that are similar to traditional baby wipes. Or you might look for air fresheners expressly designed for pet-loving homes.

Is your dog feeling stressed?

When you watch your dog sleep, you get the impression that his or her life is entirely carefree, right? But our dogs can and do experience stress for a number of reasons. Maybe they don't like being left home alone all day. Or maybe the kids are on their last nerve. They even try to take on our stress when we come home at the end of a long day.

How can you help? Perhaps a doggie massage is just the ticket. A massage doesn't have to be just about pampering; it can be therapeutic. Dogs, like humans, thrive under the human touch which convey love and acceptance. Massaging your dog allows for more human touching, but it also helps to improve blood circulation that can strengthen the musculo-skeletal system and lessen arthritis pain.

Harmony Animal Hospital notes that therapeutic massage can increase the dog's overall well-being while loosening tight or constricted muscles and speeding healing from injuries or illness. Toxins are released from the body following a massage, and the dog's cardiovascular system functioning improves.

Interested in providing massage for your dog at home? Just Google "canine massage training" and you'll find a long list of providers who will show you how it's done.

Pampered Dog
Whether its a reward, or stress relief, dogs definitely enjoy a pampering from time to time.


While you may think the facial is all about making your dog feel better, you will find out that the facial can actually help your dog's appearance, as well. The most popular type of facial is the blueberry. The blueberry scrub is put on your puppy's face for a short time, then massaged in before being rinsed. The products will generally remove tear staining, facial discoloration, and odors. And, it doesn't hurt if your dog takes a little taste of the product while it's on his or her face.

The scent of the blueberries can also have an aromatherapy effect, calming your dog even after the product is rinsed out. According to Allison M., a dog groomer in Cincinnati, Ohio, her clients love to get facials. The all-natural products she uses help exfoliate and moisturize the dog's face so it can help relieve itching if your dog has skin allergies.

As with massages, you might choose to have a professional handle the facial for you, or you might teach yourself how to do it, which will enable you to spend some extra quality time with your dog.

Sleeping arrangements

Not every dog is lucky enough to get to sleep in your bed with you. If you ban your dog from your own sleeping quarters, you might want to provide him with lavish furnishings of his own. You can select from many designer beds at Beyond The Crate or your might want a bed designed with orthopedic comfort in mind, such as those available through Drs. Foster and Smith.

If your dog is a burrower, check out the pita beds with a built-in pouch at Blue Willow Dog Coats.

Planning on camping with your dog? Check out the Tee Pee Hound Lounge at WagWear.


So, now you have a well-rested, very clean dog. It's time for a little bling! Your little darling with be the envy of the dog park in a Crystal Fabuleash from Poochie Heaven.

Maybe you're more interested in the dress-up look for all occasions? Check out the lavender velvet and bowtie collar featuring Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystals set in sterling silver plated settings, all highlighted by a light purple velvet ribbon. This collar, as well as many others including gear for the holidays, is available at Bark Bling.

Sweets for the Sweet

And if all of that isn't enough, you don't have to settle for just any old dog biscuit if you want to give your dog a treat. Check out the Doggie Cupcakes at or learn to bake your own special treats on Cesar's Way or on Martha Stewart. Too busy for home-made? See if there's a Three Dog Bakery near you.

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