Pet Travel - Dog and You Hit the Road!

Traveling with your dog can be enjoyable for both of you.

With a little bit of advance planning, traveling with your dog can be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your pet. Keep in mind that traveling with a pet requires special consideration. You'll need to make sure that your dog can handle car travel without becoming overly anxious, and you'll need to take steps to ensure your pet's comfort and safety while on the road and after reaching your destination.

Does Your Dog Like the Car?

Before you hit the highway with your canine companion, it's important to make sure that your dog is able to handle car travel. Some dogs are well suited for road trips, and others will be completely miserable when forced to stay in a vehicle for an extended period of time.

If you aren't sure if your dog likes car travel, take him or her on a few jaunts around town to see how things go. If your dog is anxious when the vehicle is in motion, it's probably not a good idea to set off on a cross-country trip with your pet. However, if your dog seems to enjoy watching the scenery or simply goes to sleep while the car is in motion, the two of you may have a great time on the road.

Avoiding Carsickness Problems

Even dogs that enjoy spending time in cars sometimes get carsick during long road trips. When you're traveling, you certainly don't want to have to deal with a canine traveling companion with an upset stomach. You can prevent many potential digestive problems by paying close attention to your dog's diet before and during a trip. Don't feed your dog anything out of the ordinary when you're going to be traveling together. Give your pet his or her usual food, and keep your pet on a regular feeding schedule.

Safety Considerations

Making sure your pet stays safe should be your primary concern, whether at home or on the road. When traveling with your pet, it is vital to make sure he or she wears a properly fitting collar, outfitted with current identification tags, at all times. The tags should include your dog's name, your contact information, and current vaccination information. Many people also put contact details for their veterinarians on animal ID tags. Having a good collar and proper ID can help make sure that your dog is returned to you if the two of you are separated during your travels.

Of course, it's much better to avoid getting separated from your dog in the first place. Make sure you have a good leash with you, and use it any time you and your dog get out of your vehicle. You should never let your dog run without a leash in an unfamiliar area. You could be violating leash laws and taking unnecessary chances with your pet's life if you don't use a leash when you let him or her out of the vehicle.

In addition to taking steps to keep your dog from getting lost or running away, it's important to make sure he or she stays safe while in the vehicle. Do not ever leave your dog in an unattended vehicle when the weather is hot. Leaving your car in a hot vehicle can be fatal, and must be avoided at all times. Even with the windows cracked, temperatures inside a vehicle can reach dangerous levels very quickly when temperatures are warm outside.

Enjoy Traveling With Your Pet

Keep your dog's safety and comfort foremost in your mind when making plans to travel with him or her. Whether you're going on a vacation, a business trip, or heading off for a family reunion, the time you spend with your pet on the road can be a great bonding experience. Following these simple tips when traveling with your dog, and you'll be able to enjoy a fun and memorable trip with your canine companion.

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