Dogs in the City – A City Dweller’s Guide to Pet Ownership

With a little planning, an urban dog can be a good thing.

Many of us are dog lovers, but some of us are not sure if our lifestyle is really right for a dog. Whether we work all day, live in a small apartment or just have an active lifestyle, we wonder if our home life would truly make our new canine companion happy.

It is of course a good idea to think about these things before bringing that adorable new puppy home. All too many people fail to consider the long term implications of pet ownership, and they may end up having to give up their new pet as a result. It is far better to do a little bit of planning up front in order to find the best fit for your own unique lifestyle.

Dogs and Apartments Can Mix

The good news is that city residents do not have to give up their dreams of dog ownership. With the right planning apartment dwellers can enjoy the companionship of a dog without any serious hassles.

Planning is of course the key, and it is important to do plenty of research to determine what breed of dog would be the best fit. Generally speaking, large and very active breeds will do less well in the apartment setting that will smaller and less active dogs. Smaller breeds are not necessarily better, as some of those breeds can be quite active.

Larger dogs can actually do quite well in apartments as long as the personality of the breed is laid back and relaxed. Large dogs that need lots of exercise may not do as well, but larger breeds with lower energy levels can do quite well in the city. Of course it is important to take any dog for regular walks and romps in the local dog park.

Tips for Workaholic Dog Owners

Another major impediment to dog ownership is the working life of the potential owner. Many of us are working longer and longer hours, and those long hours can cause problems for dogs and humans alike. From soiling the house to incessant barking, dogs that are bored and lonely can cause real problems.

Fortunately for workaholic dog lovers there are some solutions that can bring peace to the home and happiness to the dog. One of the simplest solutions is simply to adopt more than one dog. Dogs are pack animals by nature, and they are happy and outgoing with one another. Adopting two puppies together means that they will grow up together and have plenty of time to run and play. In fact they may have so much fun playing with one another that they don’t mind when you work those 12 hour days.

Of course it is important to make sure that there will be plenty of room for both of the dogs after they are full grown. Dogs do need their own space, and both dogs should have their own area for food, water and toys.

Dog lovers who lack the space for more than one animal, or who are unable to adopt a pair of canine friends can still enjoy a peaceful home life. Often something as simple as turning on a radio or a television can keep the dog busy and entertained during the day. Interactive dog toys can help as well, as can supplying a cozy bed for those daytime naps. Dogs tend to be quite good at adapting their schedules to their human companions, and many of them are quite happy to play and nap until their people get home.

Engage the Community

There are many dogs making their homes in the city, and that means there are lots of dog owners ready to share their experiences, advice and tips with one another. Getting together with other dog owners allows apartment dwellers to enjoy a sense of community while their dogs enjoy each other’s company.

If there is a dog park in the area it will likely be a great destination for dog owners to meet and visit with one another. Many dog owners love to watch their dogs playing and enjoying each other’s company, and dog parks are a great place to watch both people and their pets. The sense of community is one of the things that makes dog ownership in the city such a delight.

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