Top Five Dogs for Public Safety Agencies

Have you ever wondered why different dogs do so well at different jobs?  Just as with humans, they have different skillsets that are useful for different tasks.  We’re all familiar with the German Shepherd police dog, but you may not be as aware of these other working dogs that provide us with important safety services.

Police and the military both prefer working with German Shepherds because they are strong, and intimidating.  Their natural athleticism allows them to chase suspects and defend themselves, as well as their partners.  They can seek out and bite or bark at hidden suspects.  They can also be cross-trained to use their highly-developed sense of smell to find bombs and drugs.

Search and Rescue teams like the Australian Shepherd.  This breed is very intelligent and uses its sense of smell to track missing people, dead or alive.

Bomb Detection Teams favor the Belgian Malinois, shown above.  This energetic dog has a high work ethic, so important in law enforcement.  They can be trained to sniff out up to 16 different odors representing the different components in explosives.  You may see these dogs patrolling at airports or vehicle checkpoints at border crossings.

Bloodhounds are often used by the Department of Corrections.  They are not easily thrown off the track of an escapee by distractions such as animal scents.  Remember the chase scene in “Cool Hand Luke”?  He had to use chili powder to get the dogs to lose their ability to find him.

Last, but not least, take a guess at what fire departments like to use.  Nope, it’s not dalmations anymore.  They prefer the Labrador Retriever because he moves easily among children and adults, sniffing out possible arson suspects. 

What dogs do you see being used for public service?  Please comment below.

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  1. Any inforamtion on “medic alert” dogs for diabetics. I’ve only been able to find trainiers in CA. Does anyone know of any trainers in FL?

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