Top Ten Boy Dog Names

Introducing a new feature here on  Top Ten Tuesday.  Each week we’ll bring you a top ten list about dogs for your enjoyment.  If you have a topic you’d like to see covered, just let me know.  My email is:  [email protected].  This week’s topic:  top ten male dog names.

According to a March story in USA Today, below are the top ten dog names for male dogs. 

10.  Buster

9. Cody

8. Toby

7. Jack

6. Charlie

5. Jake

4. Bailey

3. Rocky

2. Buddy

1. Max

The article points out that there has been a definite shift from naming your dog something like Buddy or Spot to names that could be used for your 2-legged children.  The feeling is that since we spend so much money to spoil our pets, and many of us consider them part of the family, we want a name that reflects those close ties.

Here’s my theory:  The survey reflects the names listed in the Veterinary Pet Insurance database.  It seems to me that people who are going to go to the expense of insuring their dogs may be the most likely to use a human name. 

What about the people who don’t buy insurance?  Are they more likely to use traditional dog names?  Please let me know your thoughts below.

Next week on Top Ten Tuesday:  a similar list for the girls.

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10 thoughts on “Top Ten Boy Dog Names”

  1. I named my Jack Russell puppy three times. The first two times he wouldn”t respond. Then one day while sitting in my barn with customers I saw him jump up five feet to look over the stall door at the horse. That’s when I gave him the name BUNGEE. It stuck and I never heard it on any other dog.

  2. I’m shocked that Fido or Dougal/Dougie/Doug aren’t there…. they seem like doggy names

  3. I named my Boston Tex because he was from Texas.
    I named my two new girls Melda and Zelda because when they were born they were born in the same sac they were twins, so I named them after my Dad’s Twin sisters.
    My oldest girl Gizmo was named that because she sounded like a Gremlin.
    I think to name a pet it is the persons mood they are in when they get the puppy. Sometimes people get pets to fill voids in their life and that void is the mood which sets the naming of the puppy!
    I believe this to be the reason people name their pets what they do!

  4. I have a theory as to why i have named my dogs the way i have, as for everyone else i cannot say. We adopted a pomeranian after our last child left home and we were sufferring from empty nest syndrome. We named her Baby, because thats what we needed and then a year later we adopted a jack russell puppy, he looked like the one on “Frasier” so we named him Eddie. No mystery to it really just a simple formula for a new family.

  5. I don’t necessarily think that people whose dogs are uninsured are more likely to use typical dog names (Spot, Spike, Rover, etc.). I have a Yorkie whose name is Duncan and a Chihuahua named Macy. Neither of them are insured and I gave them names I would call my children! However, I have no children. Perhaps that’s why I gave them people names? Something to think about!

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